Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe

Adventure cruise for children

An adventure cruise for explorers and treasure hunters! 
Various themes guide you through a treasure hunt with 9 stations
hidden aboard the boat.

The current adventure cruises take you on a voyage of discovery! Does the mysterious sea dragon really exist? And what has the little water witch Aloisa conjured up again? Find out, step by step, riddle by riddle. At the end, you can choose a small gift from the treasure chest or the witch's cauldron.


It's me, your captain!

I love sailing guests across Lake Zug together with my team. There are always exciting encounters and adventures to experience. You can experience two adventures with me. You won't believe who you'll meet!


The mysterious sea dragon of Lake Zug!

Have you found it yet? He is said to have magical powers and bring good luck. He loves to play tricks and lead the captain and his sailors around by the nose. That's why the captain urgently needs your help. Do you want to be part of the chosen team of explorers and solve the riddles? Perhaps you will not only discover the lost treasure, but also make a wish because you have seen the sea dragon?

You will find the dragon on the Sunday trip at 2 pm.


The little water witch Aloisa

Recently, the captain and his little sailor had a really jinxed day and their vessel got stranded on an island. Fortunately, they met someone who could help them. Namely a little moss-green water witch. Her name is Aloisa and she really can do magic! Would you like to meet Aloisa too? Then come with us on a magical journey, solve all the puzzles on the vessel and enter the password in your witch's notebook.

You will meet the water witch on Wednesdays and Sundays on the 3.15 pm cruise.

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