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Schifffahrtsgesellschaft für den Zugersee AG & Ägerisee Schifffahrt AG

These Rules apply on board the vessels and on the premises of Schifffahrtsgesellschaft für den Zugersee AG as well as Aegerisee Schifffahrt AG (AeS). Staff instructions must be followed immediately at all times.


Safety and vandalism
Vessels and jetties are public places that are subject to law:
It is not permitted to write on, paint, dirty, graffiti on, affix anything to or damage walls, floors or other surfaces.
Theft or damage to AeS property will have legal consequences.
Guests are not permitted to enter staff areas.
Any misuse of safety facilities will have legal consequences.
Inline skates, roller skates, skateboards, etc. may not be used on board.
Young children must be supervised.


Litter / Sociable behaviour
With your help, we can keep everything clean and tidy.

The lake is a reservoir for drinking water so please help us to keep it that way.


Please behave in a manner that does not obstruct or disturb anybody.

For example:

Do not put your shoes on seat cushions.

Dogs must be kept on a lead.

Private music devices are not permitted on board.



With your help, we can keep the air fresh and our vessels clean.

Smoking is not permitted in inside rooms on board our vessels.


With official permission only

Official permission is required from AeS for the following activities:

Selling and offering goods and services

Distributing or displaying flyers and brochures

Fundraising, collecting signatures and surveys

Music and other performances



It is prohibited to photograph or film staff and guests of Aegerisee Schifffahrt AG on board the vessels or at the jetties without their express consent.



Any infringements of these Rules or failure to follow staff instructions may result in claims for compensation, removal from the vessel or prosecution (Article 22 of thePassenger Transport Act (PTA), Article 59 of the Ordinance on Passenger Transport (PTO). Costs for cleaning and repairs will be billed to the persons who caused them.


Zug, 10 February 2023