Legal form and ownership

Schifffahrtsgesellschaft für den Zugersee AG (SGZ) is a joint-stock company with stakes held by the canton of Zug, the communities of the canton of Zug and Arth, the corporation of Zug and Walchwil, the Zug citizens' community, the district of Schwyz and Küssnacht and private shareholders.

The board of directors consists of nine members, of which one each are elected by the governing council of the canton of Zug, the city council of Zug and the district council for the district of Küssnacht and six are elected by the general assembly. 


Operating the boat trip concession on lake Zug.

Property situation at SGZ

Share capital is valued at CHF 1 450 000, which is split into 14 500 owner shares
worth CHF 100.00 each.